I. Requirement

Below are some requirement to setup colowi hotspot

  1. You need to have MikroTik Router as your Internet gateway
  2. At lease 1 Public IP address from your Internet service provider
  3. If your MikroTik don’t have wireless, You should buy any wifi Access Point (Any brand as your choice)

II. Network Topology

Colowi require to use MikroTik router as an Internet gateway.  One Colowi license can use with one router but you can extent to many Access Point as your requirement. But be aware with your package you purchase and number of concurrent user. Finally Make sure your firewall not block on port UDP/1812 and UDP/1813.

III. Social Login

/ip hotspot walled-garden

HTTP walled-garden menu permits authentication bypass settings for HTTP and HTTPs resources. If you use social login, you need to add the following domain to your router Walled Garden.

*linkedin*, *licdn*

*twitter*, *twimg*

*facebook*, *akamai*, *fbcdn*

Facebook Messenger:

Google plus:
*google.com*, *googleapis*

Block popup on android:

Block popup on IOS

IV. Optimize Hotspot Page

An integral part of optimizing the speed of your hotspot page is ensuring images on your page have a small filesize while still maintaining quality.

When preparing images for your hotspot page, use software that can optimize for web. In Photoshop, you can find this under the Export for Web option.

In most cases, saving as a .jpg at 80 quality will give you enough compression without causing visible quality loss. Keep an eye on the image dimensions too – large images really don’t need to exceed 2000px wide for the average desktop view.

Avoid using .png images unless needed for transparency.

Google has an excellent guide on image optimization to check out for more in-depth information.