Empower you business with free wifi

Colowi wifi hotspot management system let's you control and empower your free wifi to be an effective marketing tool.

How it works

We make thing simple easy to understand with user friendly interface and beneficial for your business. With Colowi, you can make your customer feel more confident and happy with your service.

Connect to your wifi
Engaging with your customer
Good customer experience
Multiple theme
There are many available theme, and you select the best one match with you business.
Easy to design
No need coding skill anymore. Every theme you select are customizable.
You can use multiple authentication method at once. So your customer can select as their choice.
Not only free wifi, but you can branding your business also.
Marketing & Advertise
Let's your customer know your new product/service or you have new special offer.
Centralize Management
Centralize control your wifi hotspot regardless where you stay.
Limit your customer
Everything should have limit, so you can maintain your quality. Through our dashboard you can configure to limit your customer.
Through reporting, you clearly know about your customer. Moreover can understand about your business trend and future marketing.

Everyone need to access the Internet anywhere

WiFi hotspot has many advantages, not only it attracts customers but also provides you with an opportunity to market to your customers effectively. Colowi hotspot will provide you with WiFi hotspot management according to your business’s needs.

Frequently Asking Questions

What is colowi ?
COLOWI is the premium WIFI hotspot that provide Webpage pop-up when user access to their WIFI. As a venue, you can show your product, advertisement or any promotion of your shop. User are easy to access to WIFI by just login with multiple authentication option as their choice.
How to getting start with colowi?
It's really easy to get started with Colowi, you can contact us via the chat messenger on our website, email or you can contact to our friendly staff with phone number 077 600905.
What is the requirement to setup Colowi?
In order to configure Colowi Hotspot management there are a few requirements that user needed to have such as:
- Firstly, Static Public IP address that provided by your ISP
- Second, Mikrotik router in order to configure Colowi hotspot
- Lastly, Colowi portal account that provide by Maxbit ISP
What is difference between Colowi & wifi ?
1. WiFi (wireless fidelity), wireless local area network, WLAN
a facility allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.
Wi-Fi works with no physical wired connection between sender and receiver by using radio frequency (RF) technology. User use Internet by connection Wi-Fi with authentication with SSID and Key Wi-Fi (Password).

2. Colowi is a hotspot management system that you can centralize control on your hotspot user login with empower your business with free WiFi. It's transform your Wi-Fi to marketing tool like promotion our Services and prodcuts effectly and easy customizable.
This allow user login see advertise page from owner wit many options like Click through, Socail Login, Coupon code, SMS login, email login..etc, with get all User information as detail report.

Why my wifi hotspot not pup-up ?
There are few reason that your hotspot page not popup
1. make sure that you select correct HTML directory and your public IP in hotspot Server Profile.
2. You enter incorrect Radius Server's IP address and Secret.
3. your Router Identity in NAS configuration in colowi dashboard is not the same configuration in Router.
4. wrong shop URL is also the problem that your hotspot page is not pop-up.
5. Make sure you don't have firewall rule to filter input traffic to your router. If you want to do, make sure you permit DNS query & colowi IP.
6. Some smart phone doesn't pop-up hotspot page because of security on device, so you should go to browser on your phone to open a website, and it will redirect to your hotspot page automatically.
Why I can’t login with username and password of HOTSPOT?
This is happen when customer type the username and password to the hotspot login page but they still didn’t receive Wi-Fi and the captive portal still pop up.
- Verify Hotspot Address in IP > Hotspot > Server Profiles > General, it should be your public IP Address and HTML Directory(Colowi directory in Files)
- Verify that you had tick “USE Radius” in hotspot sever profile.
- Verify Radius server on: Radius Server Address, Radius Secret password, and Tick on Hotspot.
- Verify Tick on HTTP CHAP and HTTP PAP
How to solve hotspot login form error?
Check on hotspot Walled Garden, make sure you have accept Dst.Host “dashboard.colowi.com”
How could I print or export coupon?
- First, You need to do filter the date that you want to export coupon and then you can Print or Export.